Watson Brown Scholarship 2023-24

Watson Brown Scholarship Overview

The Watson Brown Scholarship, established by its founder Walter J. Brown in 1970, underscores the belief that providing children with a quality education is the cornerstone of success.

This conviction drove Brown to create an individual foundation dedicated to this cause.

This scholarship program specifically caters to students in the Savannah Valley community, aligning closely with Brown’s roots, as he was born and spent most of his life in the Savannah River Valley region.

The Foundation’s dedicated staff fully manages the internal scholarship program, and the Board of Trustees makes decisions on grant awards during regular second quarter meetings.

Scholarships consider both financial need and academic excellence, offering support for various educational expenses, including tuition, books, and room and board.

The foundation’s office directly forwards scholarship disbursements to the student support office at the university of the recipient’s choice.

Watson Brown Scholarship

Residents of specific counties in Georgia and South Carolina are given preference in the selection process.

The Scholarship Committee conducts a comprehensive review of all aspects of an applicant’s submission, factoring in their best results from each test.

Therefore, applicants are encouraged to include all their test results in their application.

Watson brown scholarship Eligibility 2023-24

To be eligible for consideration for the Watson Brown Foundation Scholarship in 2023-24, candidates must meet the following criteria:

Academic Status:

The applicant must be a high school senior or college senior, or currently enrolled as an undergraduate student.


Candidates must be residents of and maintain ongoing residency within specific counties in Georgia and South Carolina. The eligible counties are as follows:


Burke, Columbia, Elbert, Glascock, Hart, Jefferson, Lincoln, McDuffie, Richmond, Taliaferro, Warren, Wilkes.

South Carolina:

Aiken, Abbeville, Edge Field, Greenville, McCormick, Spartanburg.

Educational Institution:

Applicants must be enrolled or planning to attend a four-year university or non-profit institution.

The Foundation recognizes institutions and colleges accredited by one or more regional accreditation organizations, such as SACS.

Academic Performance:

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to qualify for the scholarship.


Applicants must be U.S. citizens.

Enrollment Status:

Candidates must be full-time students.

Residency Restriction:

The program is specifically intended for residents of Georgia and South Carolina.

How to apply for Watson brown Scholarship 2023/2024

Download the Application:

Visit the Watson-Brown Foundation website to download the scholarship application.

Create an Account:

To begin the application process, create an account on the website. Make sure to include your name before requesting a letter of recommendation.

Request Recommendation Letters:

After logging in, navigate to the main menu and select “Add or Edit Recommendation Requests.”

Follow the instructions to complete the recommendation request form.

Submit Two Recommendation Letters:

A complete scholarship application requires two recommendation letters.

After requesting one, you can click “Save and Add Another” to request the second letter. These letters should come from individuals at your school.

Check Recommendation Status:

To verify the status of your recommendation requests or to resend them, log into your account and select “Add or Edit Recommendation Requests” from the main menu.

Submit IRS 1040 Form:

Include an original photocopy of your parent(s) or guardian(s)’ most recent IRS 1040 form. You can scan and upload it directly to the online form or print and mail it.

Explain Any Challenges:

If you encounter difficulties while filling out the forms, explain your reasons in the Financial Need Statement section of the application.

Contact the Foundation:

Feel free to reach out to the Foundation directly if you have any questions.

Your financial information is confidential and used solely to assess your need for financial assistance.

You can block or delete your social security number, and records are retained for 60 days after awards are granted.

Verify Supporting Materials:

Please double-check that you receive your transcript and letters of recommendation within the specified timeframe.

Make sure to submit all forms on or before the February 15 deadline.

You should receive a confirmation email upon form submission.

Supporting Documents:

  • High School or College Transcript: High school students should provide an official transcript from their high school, including SAT or ACT scores if not already included. College students should provide a current official college transcript.
  • SAT and/or ACT Scores: Include a copy of your score report if your high school transcript does not contain these scores. Submit all scores, as the Foundation considers the top sub-scores for each test.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Provide two recommendation letters written by individuals who hold significant roles in your personal life, such as professors, teachers, coaches, religious leaders, or employers. The first recommendation should come from your school.

Send all required documents in a single envelope to:

Watson-Brown Foundation Director of Scholarships 310 Tom Watson Way Thomson, GA 30824