Terry Scholarship, Features, Eligibility, Application, Funders and Advantages

Terry Scholarship gives hope to excellent high school seniors in Texas. It provides a life-changing chance for them to chase their academic dreams without worrying about student loans.

Howard and Nancy Terry, philanthropists, started the foundation in 1986. It has supported more than 5,800 scholars by granting them full-ride scholarships for attending top public universities in the state.

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Terry Scholarship

Soar through your undergraduate years at a top Texas university, free from student loan debt.

Focus on academics, leadership, and personal growth, supported by a strong scholar community and guided by the prestigious Terry Scholarship. This is the reality for over 5,800 Texas high school seniors, and it could be yours too.

Discover the Terry Scholarship, a beacon of hope for Texas’ brightest minds. Howard and Nancy Terry, visionary philanthropists, established the Terry Foundation in 1986.

It has changed the lives of numerous scholars, enabling them to pursue academic dreams without financial constraints.

Features of the Terry Scholarship

Features that Define the Terry Scholarship:

  1. A Last-Dollar, Full-Ride Lifesaver: Bid farewell to the weight of student debt. The Terry Scholarship covers tuition, fees, books, and even room and board, granting you financial freedom to concentrate on your academic pursuits.
  2. Stability for Eight Semesters: No fretting about scholarship renewals. The Terry Scholarship accompanies you for eight semesters, offering steadfast support throughout your undergraduate journey.
  3. Exploring the Globe: Expand your horizons and gain invaluable global perspectives with the Terry Scholarship’s study abroad stipend. Immerse yourself in new cultures and create unforgettable experiences.
  4. A Supportive Tribe: You’re not navigating this alone. The Terry Scholarship cultivates a thriving community of like-minded scholars who provide mentorship, collaboration, and lasting friendships.
  5. Leadership Unleashed: Sharpen your leadership skills through workshops, retreats, and hands-on service projects. The Terry Scholarship empowers you to become a changemaker in your community.
  6. Giving Back is in Our DNA: The Terry Scholarship encourages scholars to dedicate themselves to service, positively impacting the world around them.

Eligibility Criteria

Secure your spot at the Terry Table by meeting the eligibility criteria.

Imagine navigating academia debt-free and empowered – a compelling thought, right? Before picturing yourself as a Terry Scholar, let’s break down the steps.

To claim your place, meet key criteria, proving you’re not just dreaming but a doer shaping Texas’ future.

Texas Roots: This scholarship is for rising Texas residents. You must call Texas home for at least the past two years.

Academic Excellence: Shine with intellectual brilliance! The Terry Foundation seeks scholars with a strong academic record, high GPA, and impressive SAT or ACT scores.

Leadership Call: Beyond academics, the Terry Scholarship seeks future leaders. Showcase leadership through activities, community service, or work experience. Demonstrate you’re a team player, initiator, and problem-solver with a vision.

Financial Need: The Terry Scholarship aims to level the playing field for those with financial barriers. Complete FAFSA to show your need for scholarship support.

U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Residency: Embrace the American Dream! Qualify by being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident meeting Texas residency requirements.

Your Champion’s Support: No one walks the Terry Scholarship path alone. Secure a nomination from your high school counselor or administrator, your Terry cheerleader amplifying your voice!

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Application Process

  1. Navigate the Terry Scholarship application process with a focus on showcasing your potential and aligning with the scholarship’s values.
  2. The application window usually opens from August to November, so mark your calendar and plan accordingly to seize this golden opportunity.
  3. The online application is your canvas to portray yourself vividly. Highlight academic achievements like your stellar GPA and test scores.
  4. Share leadership experiences, illustrating how you’ve inspired others and faced challenges. Show your financial need through FAFSA completion.
  5. Go beyond facts with your essays. Craft narratives that unveil your unique story, future goals, and why the Terry Scholarship aligns with your vision.
  6. Authenticity and sincerity are crucial to winning the hearts of the selection committee.
  7. Gather your champions by seeking letters of recommendation from your high school counselor and teachers who can speak to your academic prowess, leadership, and growth potential.
  8. Their voices add depth to your application.
  9. If your application stands out, you might be invited for an interview with the selection committee.
  10. Use this opportunity to further showcase your personality, enthusiasm, and commitment to Terry Scholarship values. Remember to be yourself, articulate your vision, and let your passion shine.


  • August – November: Application Window Open
  • Complete Online Application Form: Highlight academic achievements, leadership experiences, and financial need
  • Craft Essays: Share your unique story, aspirations, and alignment with Terry Scholarship values
  • Request Letters of Recommendation: Seek support from your high school counselor and teachers
  • Potential Interview: Prepare to answer questions and showcase your personality

Fundersof the Scholarship

The Terry Scholarship is a tapestry woven with support from individuals, corporations, and foundations, all investing in Texas’ brightest minds for a brighter future. Let’s meet key players in this initiative:

Howard and Nancy Terry: Visionary founders who established the Terry Foundation in 1986, believing in education’s transformative power. Their unwavering commitment and generosity guide the program.

Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation: Committed to sustainable solutions, this foundation empowers promising scholars through the Terry Scholarship, strengthening Texas’ future.

Cullen Trust for Higher Education: Driven by a passion for educational accessibility, this trust bridges financial gaps for deserving students, ensuring financial constraints don’t hinder Texas’ talented minds.

Individual Donors: Beyond organizations, countless individual donors, from alumni to community leaders, contribute to the tapestry of support, helping the Terry Scholarship reach more deserving students.

Advantages of the Programme

  • Unlock a Debt-Free Future: Experience a life-changing freedom from student loan debt, enabling scholars to concentrate on their studies and future goals without financial strain.
  • Access to Top-Tier Education: Gain entry to premier public universities in Texas, providing access to world-class academic programs and resources that elevate educational experiences.
  • Foster Leadership Development: Participate in workshops, retreats, and service projects that offer unique opportunities for personal and professional growth, cultivating leadership skills, and building confidence.
  • Join a Supportive Community: Become part of the exceptional network of Terry Scholars, fostering mentorship, collaboration, and lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals who share common goals.
  • Explore Global Experiences: Embark on study abroad opportunities that expand cultural perspectives, enriching academic journeys and providing a global outlook.
  • Make a Difference through Service: Embrace a commitment to service ingrained in Terry Scholars, empowering them to give back to their communities and become positive agents of change.
  • Contribute to a Legacy of Impact: Connect with a network of accomplished Terry alumni who are actively shaping the future of Texas and beyond. Joining this prestigious group offers a chance to make a lasting and meaningful impact.