Spirit Of Giving Scholarship

Wine Country Gift Baskets established the Spirit of Giving Scholarship to acknowledge students who embody the spirit of giving and inspire others to show kindness, serve, and be generous.

The primary objective of this scholarship is to grant students who have actively worked to improve their communities an opportunity to further their education.

The organization aims to foster an enduring commitment to kindness, service, and giving within our communities, recognizing the immense potential of young individuals to drive positive change.

Spirit of Giving Scholarship

Eligibility for the Spirit of Giving Scholarship

  • Qualifications for applicants:
    • Must plan to attend a US institution in the upcoming academic year.
    • Cannot be employees or family members of Wine Country Gift Baskets or Houdini Inc.
    • Must not have previously received the scholarship.
  • Eligible institutions:
    • Four-year universities
    • Community colleges
    • Technical schools
    • Authorized credential or degree programs
  • Eligibility for applicants:
    • Open to applicants from the United States.
  • Eligible courses or subjects:

Application Documents

Application requirements:

  • Proof of enrollment for the upcoming school year:
    • Incoming freshmen: Provide a copy of the acceptance letter and a supporting document demonstrating a relationship with the school.
    • Other applicants: Proof of enrollment for the next academic year.
  • Submission essay: 500-750 words on one of the following topics:
    • How you have advanced the spirit of giving in your community or abroad, through service or giving.
    • The personal impact of the spirit of giving on you.
    • How your college or post-secondary education will enable you to serve or give to others.

Facts about the Spirit of Giving Scholarship:

No GPA requirements:

The scholarship program does not have a minimum GPA requirement, focusing instead on students’ initiatives to improve communities.

Application volume:

In 2020, the scholarship program received over 2,000 applications, indicating its popularity and competitiveness.

Application process:

Applicants are required to apply via email, submitting their scholarship materials to the designated email address provided on the organization’s website.

Emphasis on volunteerism:

The Spirit of Giving Scholarship strongly encourages volunteerism.

The foundation of the scholarship program lies in promoting the spirit of giving and serving others, thereby inspiring more students to engage in community service.

Nationwide eligibility:

The scholarship is not limited to any specific state. Students from all 50 states in the United States are eligible to apply for the Spirit of Giving Scholarship.

 Spirit of Giving Scholarship Merits:

You can use the scholarship at any college or university in the United States, such as four-year universities, technical institutes, community colleges, or certificate programs.

Scholar has a long time to apply for the scholarship.

Applicants have nine months to submit your application, which gives you plenty of time to get everything ready and meet all the requirements.

Diverse expense coverage:

Recipients have the freedom to allocate the scholarship funds towards various expenses, such as tuition, fees, and books, providing financial support for different aspects of their educational journey.


The Spirit of Giving Scholarship, established by Wine Country Gift Baskets.

Recognizes students who demonstrate the spirit of giving and aims to inspire acts of kindness, service, and generosity.

The scholarship is open to US applicants and can be used at various institutions.

There are no GPA requirements, and applicants must not be previous recipients or affiliated with Wine Country Gift Baskets or Houdini Inc.

The application requires proof of enrollment and a 500-750 word essay on topics related to giving.

The scholarship receives a high volume of applications and encourages volunteerism.

With a generous nine-month application period, the scholarship offers ample time for students to prepare and complete their application requirements.