Robertson Scholarship

The Robertson Scholarship transforms leadership at Duke and UNC.

It’s more than a scholarship; it’s a journey that unlocks both universities’ resources.

It helps you think critically, collaborate, and become a change maker.

An image Illustration of Robertson ScholarshipThe Robertson Scholarship covers full tuition, room and board, and most mandatory fees for eight semesters. [PHOTO: Chatmogul]

Robertson Scholarship

Julian H. Robertson, a North Carolina businessman and philanthropist, created the Robertson Scholars Program in 2000.

His goal was to empower outstanding young minds, helping them become ethical and effective leaders who contribute meaningfully to society.

Over the years, the program has supported hundreds of exceptional individuals, guiding them to make significant contributions in various fields like medicine, law, education, and entrepreneurship.

Your Academic Playground

Imagine easily moving between Duke University’s energy and UNC’s calmness. As a Robertson Scholar, you get to do just that.

You’ll belong to both places, using all their resources and meeting different people.

Duke’s Treasures

Dive into Duke’s top-notch research centers, modern labs, and great teachers.

Explore lots of subjects, from humanities to engineering, and make your own path.

Join student clubs, find opportunities, and meet people who share your interests.

UNC’s Gems

Soak in UNC’s history, traditions, and its vibe as a public Ivy League school.

Choose from many subjects, like public policy or medicine, with expert help. Enjoy arts and express yourself through theater, music, and visual arts.

The Heart of Robertson Leadership

The Robertson Scholarship isn’t just about doing well in school. It’s about making leaders. Here’s what they look for in their community:

Ask questions and think deeply about tough problems. Work with diverse people to make positive changes.

Do the right thing and take responsibility for it. Keep learning and look for new ideas.

An image illustration of Robertson Scholarship
[ [PHOTO: Robertson Scholars]

The Robertson Compass

They offer lots of help so you can do your best:

Get advice from experienced leaders. Learn how to talk, negotiate, and solve problems.

Travel, learn, and help communities. Get financial help so you can focus on your goals.

Applying for the Scholarship

If you see yourself as a leader who’ll make a difference, check out how to apply:

Open to high school seniors and first-year students at Duke and UNC. Write essays, get recommendations, show grades, and test scores if you want.

Deadlines: December for high school seniors, January for first-year students.

Getting Ready for the Interview

If your application stands out, you’ll get an interview. Here’s how to do well:

Be yourself and show who you are. Talk about why you want to change the world.

Share how you’ve shown leadership before. Ask good questions to learn more.

The Value of the Scholarship

Being a Robertson Scholar isn’t just about money for college.

It’s joining a group of people making a difference. Alumni do big things in medicine, education, tech, and policy.

As a scholar, you’ll join this group and get help with your career.


The Robertson Scholarship transforms leaders at Duke and UNC. It’s more than money for school; it’s a way to become a leader.

You get to use both universities’ resources and learn to think and work well with others.

Key points

  • Experience the best of Duke and UNC, including their labs and student life.
  • Develop leadership skills through workshops, mentors, and diverse experiences.
  • Ambitious individuals, whether in high school or at Duke/UNC, can apply.
  • Join a network of successful alumni, receiving career support.
  • If you’re a future leader, apply for the Robertson Scholarship. Prepare for the application and interview—it’s a trans-formative journey.