Puerto Rico Education System

Puerto Rico education system

The Puerto Rico education system plays a vital role in shaping the academic landscape of the island. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Puerto Rico education system, including its rankings, language of instruction, and the recognition of degrees earned in Puerto Rico within the United States.

Puerto Rico Education System

The Puerto Rico education system is designed to provide quality education and prepare students for future success. Here are some key aspects of the system:

Structure: The education system in Puerto Rico follows a standard structure of pre-primary education (ages 3-5), primary education (grades 1-6), secondary education (grades 7-12), and tertiary education (post-secondary).

Public and Private Schools: Puerto Rico has both public and private schools. Public schools are funded by the government and offer free education, while private schools are independently operated and often require tuition fees.

Curriculum: The curriculum in Puerto Rico aligns with the standards established by the Puerto Rico Department of Education. It covers subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, and physical education.

Where Does Puerto Rico Rank in Education?

The educational performance of Puerto Rico is often measured through various indicators. Here is an overview of Puerto Rico’s rankings in education:

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

Puerto Rico’s performance in the NAEP, which assesses student achievement in the United States, has shown room for improvement compared to other states.

Global Rankings

Internationally, Puerto Rico’s education system is not ranked independently but is considered a part of the broader United States education system.


Puerto Rico faces unique challenges, including funding issues, socioeconomic disparities, and the impact of natural disasters, which can affect educational outcomes.

What Language Is Taught at School in Puerto Rico?

The language of instruction in Puerto Rico schools is an essential aspect of the education system. Both Spanish and English are official languages in Puerto Rico. Spanish is the primary language of instruction in most schools, reflecting the island’s cultural and linguistic heritage.

English is also taught as a subject in Puerto Rico schools. Efforts have been made to enhance English language proficiency among students to improve their global competitiveness.

Some schools in Puerto Rico offer bilingual programs where subjects are taught in both Spanish and English, providing students with a strong foundation in both languages.

Does a Degree from Puerto Rico Work in the US?

Degrees earned in Puerto Rico are generally recognized within the United States, but it is important to consider specific factors:

  • Accreditation: Accreditation plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and recognition of degrees. Puerto Rico has its own accrediting agency, the Puerto Rico Council on Higher Education (PRCHE), which oversees accreditation within the territory.
  • US Recognition: Many universities and employers in the United States recognize degrees earned in Puerto Rico, especially if the institution is accredited by a recognized accrediting body.
  • Transcripts and Documentation: To ensure a smooth transition, it is advisable for individuals with degrees from Puerto Rico to provide official transcripts and other relevant documentation when seeking employment or pursuing further education in the United States.


The Puerto Rico education system strives to provide quality education to its students, preparing them for future opportunities. Despite challenges and varying rankings, Puerto Rico’s commitment to bilingual education and its efforts to align with global standards contribute to the growth and development of its students.

Degrees earned in Puerto Rico are generally recognized within the United States, but it is essential to understand the specific requirements and documentation needed for individual cases.

By focusing on continual improvement and fostering educational opportunities, Puerto Rico aims to create a strong foundation for its students’ academic success.