Posse Scholarship: Empowering the Future

The Posse Scholarship program empowers students from underserved communities to pursue four-year college degrees.

It covers full tuition and focuses on leadership and college access.

 Posse Scholarship
Photo: The Posse Foundation

Posse Scholarship

Debbie Bial, a former public school teacher, founded Posse in 1989.

She wanted to help underrepresented students succeed in college because she, too, came from a low-income family and attended college with the help of a mentor.

Since then, Posse has given over $500 million in scholarships to more than 10,000 students, who have graduated from top colleges and universities.


  1. Rising high school seniors
  2. From an underserved community
  3. Academically talented
  4. Demonstrated leadership potential

Objectives of Posse Scholarship

Posse Scholarship
Photo: The Posse Foundation
  1. Increase college attendance and graduation for underserved students: Posse aims to remove obstacles to higher education for low-income and minority students. By offering full-tuition scholarships and support services, Posse helps these students succeed in college and beyond.
  2. Empower students to be community leaders: Posse believes that every student has leadership potential, no matter their background. The program equips students with tools and resources to develop their leadership skills and make a positive impact on the world.
  3. Promote diversity and inclusion on college campuses: Posse emphasizes the importance of diverse and inclusive campus communities for learning and personal growth. By enrolling Posse Scholars as groups, the program fosters a more welcoming and supportive environment for all students.

The Posse Scholarship application process is tough and picky.

Students need to submit an application, essays, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Posse also interviews all finalists.

Benefits of Posse Scholars

  1. Full tuition scholarship: receive a full tuition scholarship to a partner college or university, saving them and their families a significant amount of money.
  2. Academic advising: Posse Scholars get continuous academic guidance from Posse staff and mentors, ensuring they stay on track and excel in their studies.
  3. Career counseling: Posse Scholars receive career advice from Posse staff and mentors, helping them discover their interests and skills, explore career options, and prepare for internships and jobs.
  4. Leadership development: Posse Scholars take part in leadership programs and workshops that boost their leadership skills and self-confidence.
  5. Peer support: Posse Scholars become part of a tight-knit community of peers, offering support and motivation throughout their college journey and beyond.

Posse Partner Colleges and Universities

The program partners with over 60 colleges and universities across the United States. Some of the Posse partner colleges and universities include:

  • Boston University
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Duke University
  • Georgetown University
  • Northwestern University
  • Princeton University
  • Rice University
  • Stanford University
  • Tufts University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Michigan
  • Yale University

Impact of Posse Scholarship

Posse has made a big difference in the lives of its scholars.

Posse Scholars are more likely to graduate from college than their peers.

They also build successful careers in various fields. The Scholars become leaders in their communities, creating a positive impact on the world.


The Posse Scholarship is an esteemed and choosy program.

It offers students from underserved communities the chance to attend and complete college.

Posse Scholars get full-tuition scholarships, academic guidance, career advice, leadership training, and peer backing.

These scholars then move forward to have successful careers in various fields and take up leadership roles in their communities.