Niche Scholarships Legit: Features, Eligibility, Application, Benefits and Partners

Niche Scholarships Legit go beyond the typical scholarship search engine. It focuses on specific interests or niches.

If you excel in yo-yo-ing, have a passion for paleontology, or love crocheting, Niche offers scholarships just for you.

This specialized method helps students with unique interests who may not get noticed by regular scholarships.

It’s a chance for those who traditional scholarship programs might overlook.

Niche Scholarships Legit

Niche, once called College Prowler, is a trusted tool for finding colleges and scholarships.

It started in 2002. It has lots of colleges, programs, and over $50 million in scholarships.

Their “No Essay” monthly scholarship is popular, but there’s more. Niche has many scholarships for different people, subjects, and hobbies.

Features Of Niche Scholarships

Diverse Scholarship Pool

Niche offers scholarships for various majors, activities, hobbies, cultures, and even unique traits like being left-handed or owning a pet.

This gives opportunities to students with different strengths.

User-Friendly Platform

Niche’s website is easy to use, even for those not tech-savvy. You can search for scholarships that fit your needs using filters.

Details about each scholarship, like requirements and deadlines, are clearly shown.

“No Essay” Option

Hate writing essays? Niche’s monthly “No Essay” scholarship only asks for basic info and a short answer.

It’s a simple way to try for a scholarship without spending lots of time.


Niche shows who’s giving the scholarship and how to apply. They also list past winners, which adds to their credibility.

Niche Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for Niche scholarships depends on the award. Some are open to many people, while others have specific requirements such as:

  • Grades or test scores
  • Being in high school or college
  • Major or subject
  • Activities and achievements outside of class
  • Your background, like ethnicity or gender
  • Special skills or experiences, like volunteering or hobbies

Application Process

Applying for scholarships can be different each time.

Some scholarships will send you to another website, while others will have a form on Niche. Usually, you’ll need to give:

  • Your basic info
  • School info, like grades or test scores
  • An essay, if they ask for one
  • Letters of recommendation, if needed
  • Other stuff they might want, like a portfolio or resume.

Benefits Of The Scholarship

Winning a Niche scholarship brings many advantages:

  • Less worry about money: Scholarships help pay for college so you can concentrate on learning.
  • Recognition: Getting a scholarship shows you’re doing well and encourages you to keep going.
  • Making connections: Some scholarships introduce you to the group giving the money, which could lead to jobs or internships later on.

Partners and Funders

These partnerships guarantee that the scholarships listed on the platform are high-quality and authentic.

Niche’s partnerships

  1. Forbes
  2. The Wall Street Journal
  3. CNN
  4. Scholarship America
  5. National Hispanic Scholarship Fund