NESA Scholarship


The NESA Scholarship recognizes the accomplishments of Eagle Scouts, celebrates the spirit of Scouting.

The program provides opportunities for Eagles to contribute to the mission, values, and enduring traditions of Scouting for generations to come.

NESA Scholarship

NESA Scholarship Eligibility

Eagle Scouts must be a member of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) to apply.

Eligible Eagle Scouts can apply for NESA scholarships from;

  • Their senior year of high school until the halfway point of their associate degree program
  • Skilled trade program, or through their junior year of undergraduate studies.

Scholarship recipients can receive the scholarship only once.

NESA scholarships are open to;

  • Eagle Scouts who are currently enrolled or accepted as full-time students in an accredited educational institution.
  • Pursuing an academic degree (including associate degrees) or a skilled trade program.

NESA scholarships are not available to students attending any of the U.S. military academies.

Scholarships are not available to graduate students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.

Application Procedure

NESA membership is a requirement for applying.

There is no need for BSA membership numbers or IDs to update the application.

Contacting NESA to confirm membership is unnecessary.

To initiate the application process, click on the designated “CLICK HERE TO APPLY” button provided.

Will redirect you to the NESA scholarship portal. Only applications submitted through this portal will be accepted.

If you are a first-time user of the portal, select “New applicant” to commence the scholarship application process.

Other BSA IDs and passwords will not work for new applicants; selecting “New applicant” is mandatory.

Once you have created your portal account, you can start filling out the application.

It is not required to complete the entire application in one sitting; you can return and make updates as needed.

You will receive a link to access your application. It is recommended to save this link for future updates.

Once you have created an application, refrain from using the same button to access the portal again, as it will generate a new application instead.

Eagle Board of Review Date: It must take place on or before January 24, 2024.

Application Portal Open:

The portal will be accessible from December 1, 2023, through January 31, 2024.

Application Must be Completed and Submitted:

The application must be fully completed and submitted by 11:59 p.m. CST on January 31, 2024.

Announcement of Scholarship Awards: The date for the announcement of scholarship awards is not provided.

Award Condition

Awardee must maintain active membership in the National Eagle Scout Association throughout the award period.

The awardee must actively register, maintain, and provide proof of full-time enrollment at their chosen college/university or skilled trade program throughout the scholarship duration.

NESA will directly disburse all scholarship funds to the awardee’s college/university or skilled trade program for covering expenses like tuition, room, board, and books. This arrangement is valid for a maximum of four consecutive years.

Upon receiving a school/program course schedule that verifies the awardee’s full-time status.

NESA will make payment to the selected college/university or skilled trade program.

The program grants a total of 65 scholarships each year, including:

  1. one $48,000 award through the Lawrence S. and Mabel Cooke Scholarship,
  2. sixteen $16,000 awards (one per National Scouting region),
  3. sixteen $7,500 awards (one per National Scouting region),
  4. thirty-two $3,500 awards (two per National Scouting region).

NESA scholarship Winning Tips.

Engage in Eagle Scout activities:

Active involvement in your Eagle Scout troop and scouting activities will enhance your chances of receiving a NESA scholarship.

Invest in your community:

NESA scholarships value students who actively participate in their communities. Engage in volunteering, community service, or community groups to demonstrate your commitment to community investment.

Write compelling essays:

Many scholarships require written submissions. Practice writing regularly to improve your skills. Seek assistance from tutors or writing resources available at your high school or local libraries if needed.

Meet deadlines:

Stay organized by keeping track of scholarship application deadlines. Create a list of due dates and set reminders in advance to ensure you submit your applications on time.


The NESA Scholarship recognizes and celebrates the achievements and spirit of Eagle Scouts, allowing them to contribute to the mission and values of Scouting for future generations.

Eligibility requires NESA membership and allows Eagle Scouts to apply from their senior year of high school until their junior year of undergraduate studies or the halfway point of their associate degree or skilled trade program.

Key application dates include the Eagle Board of Review before January 24, 2024, and completing the application by January 31, 2024.

The award conditions require maintaining NESA membership, proof of full-time enrollment, and direct payment of scholarship funds to cover tuition, room, board, and books for a maximum of four consecutive years.

NESA grants a total of 65 scholarships annually, including the Lawrence S. and Mabel Cooke Scholarship and awards specific to each National Scouting region.

Tips for winning the scholarship include active engagement in Eagle Scout activities, community involvement, strong essay writing skills, and meeting application deadlines.