Navistar Education. Your Pathway To Professional Excellence And Success.

Navistar Education is an online platform that provides training and certification programs for Navistar dealers, technicians, and customers.

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Navistar Education

It aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of the users on various topics related to Navistar products, services, and technologies.

Navistar Education offers a variety of courses, such as:

  • Technical training on Navistar engines, chassis, electrical systems, diagnostics, and repair procedures.
  • Service training on Navistar warranty, service information, service tools, and service operations.
  • OnCommand training on Navistar’s suite of connected vehicle solutions, such as OnCommand Connection, OnCommand Repair Advocate, and OnCommand Parts Information.
  • Sales training on Navistar’s product portfolio, features, benefits, and competitive advantages.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to access, use, and benefit from Navistar Education.

How to Access Navistar Education

To access Navistar Education, you need to have a valid Navistar ID or a student ID.

A Navistar ID is an identification number that is issued by Navistar to its dealers, technicians, and customers.

A student ID is a temporary identification number that is issued by Navistar Education to its registered students.

If you have a Navistar ID, you can log in to Navistar Education by clicking on the “Login with Navistar” button on the homepage.

You will be redirected to a login page where you need to enter your Navistar ID and password.

If you have a student ID, you can log in to Navistar Education by clicking on the “Student Login” button on the homepage.

You will navigate to a registration page where you must enter your student ID and create a password.

You will also need to provide some personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, and company name.

If you do not have a Navistar ID or a student ID, you can request one by contacting your local dealer or by emailing

How to Use Navistar Education

Once you log in to Navistar Education, you will see a dashboard that shows your profile, courses, transcripts, certificates, and notifications.

You can use the navigation menu on the left side of the screen to access different sections of the platform.

To enroll in a course, you can browse the course catalog by clicking on the “Courses” tab on the menu.

You can filter the courses by category, language, or keyword.

You can also search for a specific course by entering its name or code in the search box.

Once you find a course that interests you, you can click on its title to view its description, objectives, prerequisites, duration, and cost.

You can then click on the “Enroll” button to add the course to your cart. You can also add multiple courses to your cart before checking out.

To start a course, you can go to your dashboard and click on the “My Courses” tab on the menu.

You will see a list of courses that you have enrolled in or completed.

You can click on the “Launch” button next to the course that you want to start or resume.

Also, you will access the course page, where you can review the course content, engage in activities, take quizzes, and complete exams.

You can also track your progress and score by clicking on the “My Progress” tab on the menu.

To complete a course, you need to follow the instructions and complete all the required components of the course.

Depending on the course type and level, you may need to watch videos, read texts, listen to audios, perform tasks, answer questions, or take tests.

You may also need to attend live sessions or webinars with instructors or peers.

You will also receive a certificate of completion once you finish the course successfully.

How to Benefit from Navistar Education

Navistar Education is designing to help you enhance your performance and productivity in your role as a dealer, technician, or customer of Navistar.

By taking advantage of Navistar Education’s courses and resources, you can:

  • Learn new skills and knowledge that are relevant and applicable to your work.
  • Stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the industry.
  • Gain confidence and competence in using Navistar products and services.
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increase your sales and profitability.
  • Advance your career and professional development.

Morever,Navistar Education is more than just an online platform.

It is a community of learners who share a common goal of excellence in service delivery.

By joining Navistar Education’s network of users and instructors, you can:

  • Interact with experts and peers who have similar interests and challenges.
  • Ask questions and get answers from qualified instructors and mentors.
  • Share best practices and experiences with other users.
  • Access exclusive content and events that are only available for members.
  • Receive recognition and rewards for your achievements.

Navistar Education is committed to providing high-quality and accessible education for its users.

By using Navistar Education’s support and feedback system, you can:

  • Get technical assistance and troubleshooting for any issues or problems that you encounter on the platform.
  • Request additional information or clarification on any course or topic that you are interested in.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the platform and the courses.
  • Report any errors or bugs that you find on the platform or the courses

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