National FFA Scholarship

The National FFA Scholarship is open to present members of FFA who have intentions of pursuing a degree or certification in particular agricultural fields.

Candidates are chosen based on their active participation in;

  • FFA,
  • work experience,
  • supervised agricultural experience (SAE),
  • community service,
  • leadership abilities,
  • academic achievements.

The FFA administers numerous scholarships, applicants need to submit only one online application.

These scholarships cater to a diverse range of skills, experiences, career aspirations, and higher education plans.

National FFA Scholarship

National FFA Scholarship Eligibility

Eligible members must be in grades 7 through 12 and college.

There are two ways to join FFA:

enrolling in an agriculture course at school or contacting the school counselor or agriculture teacher to join an agricultural education program and FFA.

If there is no FFA chapter at your school, you may have the option to join one in a neighboring school district.

Membership dues for the National FFA organization are $7 per year, which includes a $2 portion for the national magazine, FFA New Horizons.

Additionally, state or local FFA associations may impose extra dues, distinct from the $7 national dues. Consequently, the total cost of membership could be higher.

The FFA has three levels:

local FFA chapters, state FFA associations and the National FFA Organization

Each chapter level may offer unique events and programs.

Application Criteria

National FFA Scholarships are available for FFA members in good standing.

FFA scholarships are not renewable.

General requirements include a minimum GPA of 2.5,

being a full-time college student,

enrolled in a two or four-year degree program,

being a high school senior or current college student.

The FFA scholarship application is an online form.

Applicants must submit the form and any requested documents by the specified deadline.

Support materials typically include a personal statement, essay, transcripts, and signature page.

Reasons For National FFA Scholarship Application

A grant or scholarship is financial aid that does not need to be repaid.

There are scholarship programs available for various majors, including five main areas related to agriculture:

  1. agribusiness systems,
  2. animal systems power structural,
  3. power,
  4. structural and technical systems,
  5. plant systems,
  6. biotechnology systems.

Recipients can use the funds towards earning a college degree, whether in a two-year or four-year degree program, or technical training (certificate).

Applying for National FFA scholarship is easy, as it only requires filling out one form.

The online platform used for applications is user-friendly and password protected.

Over $2.7 million in scholarship funds are available, with contributions from corporate, nonprofit, and individual donors, including AGCO, Ford, John Deere, and RAM Trucks.

The number of scholarships available increases each year, with 1,842 scholarships awarded in 2018 compared to just 16 in 1984.

Applicants from across the United States can apply for FFA scholarships, with over 8,800 high school seniors and college students from 44 states applying in 2018.


FFA holds events, competitions, and conferences in addition to fundraising.

SAE allows students to apply classroom knowledge in real-world agricultural activities.

Agriscience Fair provides opportunities for middle and high school students to solve agricultural problems using science and technology.

Living to Serve is a platform that empowers students to make a positive impact on their community through volunteer hours.

FFA membership offers benefits in various career paths within agriculture, including guidance, skills training, and career exploration.

Career and Leadership Development Events offer competitive opportunities to develop college and career readiness skills.

Scholarships and grants are awarded by the National FFA Organization each year.

FFA members have entrepreneurial opportunities and can start their own businesses or work in the agricultural industry during high school.

National Leadership Conferences provide personal and leadership skill development, with various training programs for state officers.

State Officer Leadership Continuum includes;

  • Base Camp,
  • Checkpoint,
  •  State Officer Summit.

focusing on character, communication, advocacy, and team dynamics.

National FFA Scholarships Program.

Scholarship Program Award Amount Eligibility Requirements
America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders $1,500 Students studying Agriculture-related fields
AGCO Dealer Scholarship Program $1,000 Eligible FFA chapter members
Chevy Trucks Scholarship Program $1,000 Bachelor’s degree or specialized training
Ford Truck/Built Ford Tough – FFA $1,000 Ford Dealership Endorsement Supplement form
John Deere Dealer Scholarship $2,000 Attend an approved FFA chapter, 2.8 GPA or higher
Washington Leadership Conference N/A Leadership conference series (WLC)
FFA Alumni Scholarships Varies Opportunities for FFA Alumni

Note: The scholarship amounts and specific requirements may vary.