Kiwanis Scholarship

The Kiwanis Scholarship program offers financial aid opportunities and is accessible to Key Club and Circle K International Members.

Donors contribute funds to the Children’s Fund, an extension of Kiwanis, which in turn supports disaster relief efforts, club grants, and college scholarships.

Kiwanis Scholarship

Kiwanis Scholarship Eligibility:

Most Kiwanis scholarships target Key Club or Circle K International members, as these divisions respectively represent high school and college levels within Kiwanis.

Different awards possess distinct eligibility criteria, with membership being a common requirement for almost all scholarships.

However, it’s worth noting that non-members may also occasionally come across opportunities.

Kiwanis Scholarships for High School Seniors:

Cunat International Scholarship:

Initiated by former Kiwanis District Governor Brian Cunat and his wife, Miki. Available to graduating high school seniors in Key Club, awarding $2,500.

Harry S. Himmel Scholarship:

A $500 scholarship honoring Harry Himmel, who held significant roles in Kiwanis, including Children’s Fund president. Open to graduating seniors in good standing with Key Club.

Linda Canaday Memorial Scholarship:

Honoring Linda Canaday, Kiwanis’ First Lady for 2008-2009.

Awarding $2,500, applicants need a 3.0 GPA and at least two years’ Key Club membership.

Kiwanis Scholarship for College Students:

Cunat International Scholarship (College):

Separate from the high school Cunat scholarship, this $2,500 award targets college students in good standing with Circle K International.

Harry S. Himmel Scholarship (College):

Similar to the high school version, this $500 scholarship is for Circle K members in college.

John E. Mayfield Circle K Scholarship:

Established by Kiwanis member John Mayfield in 2015, offering $1,000. Requires college students in good standing with Circle K and a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Circle K International Past President’s Scholarship:

Exclusively designated for current CKI presidents, this scholarship has been in place since its inception in 1990.

The award is $1,000, with no minimum GPA requirement.

Scholarship Application Process:

  1. Specific Application Packets: Each Kiwanis scholarship features its own unique application packet.
  2. Access Links: Click the provided links from the list above. Alternatively, visit the Kiwanis website’s “Scholarship Opportunities” page.
  3. Select Scholarship PDF: Choose the PDF corresponding to the scholarship you’re interested in. This PDF will include a designated section for completion.
  4. Provide Information: Fill out the PDF as required. The PDF will detail the necessary documents to accompany your application.
  5. Required Documents Typically Include:
    • High school or college transcript outlining the school’s grading system
    • Two letters of recommendation from Kiwanis advisors, school officials, club peers, or community leaders
    • A 200-word essay describing how your education will positively influence others’ lives
    • The completed, signed, and dated PDF application form
  6. Submit Application:
    • Mail the entire application packet to the address specified on the PDF form.
    • Each scholarship application has its designated submission address.
  7. Timely Submission: Ensure completion well in advance to meet the March 15 deadline.
  8. Application Availability: Applications are accessible annually starting from December 1.