Joon Care Scholarship Fund

The Joon Care Scholarship Fund presents a valuable asset for individuals seeking support in covering their tuition expenses and living costs.

Engaging in this program not only grants the chance to contribute to the community but also holds the power to positively impact the lives of recipients.

This scholarship program aims to extend financial aid to two groups:

  1. Students embarking on their college journey
  2. Students pursuing education in postsecondary institutions.

 Joon Care Scholarship Fund

Eligibility & Application

  • Determine eligibility for the Joon Care Scholarship Fund:
    • Must be a high school senior, current college student, post-secondary student enrolled in an accredited college or university, or recent high school graduate.
    • GPA must be at least 2.5 to qualify.
  • Initiate the application process:
    • Access the online application, which is user-friendly.
    • Provide details about your educational background, financial situation, and career objectives.
  • Required supporting documents:
    • Recent high school or college transcript (copy).
    • SAT/ACT scores (copy).
    • Letters of recommendation from academic advisers and teachers.
    • Copy of FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
    • Completed award letter for financial aid.
    • Statement demonstrating financial need.
    • Proof of citizenship or permanent residency in the United States.
  • Application guidelines:
    • Submit an essay within a 500-word limit.
    • Deadline for submission is November 10th, 2023, through the designated page.
    • Each applicant’s application will be evaluated only once.

Joon Care Scholarship Fund Pros And Con


  • Available to individuals aged 13 to 24.
  • Free 15-minute consultation.
  • Fifty-minute counseling sessions.
  • User-friendly app for Apple products.
  • Includes features like mood tracking, a diary section, and a skills database with instructional videos.
  • Collaboration with other healthcare professionals, including campus counseling centers.
  • Treatment plans are designed for a 16-week duration.


  • Services limited to California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.
  • Therapist matching instead of self-selection option.
  • No medication management system available.
  • Lack of financial assistance or payment arrangements.
  • Only accepts Highmark Insurance in Pennsylvania.
  • The app is exclusively designed for Apple products.

 Benefits Of Joon Care Scholarship Fund

Access to Education:

  • Tuition assistance, book grants, and other educational resources available through the Fund.
  • Funding supports students in pursuing their educational goals.
  • Open to students from diverse backgrounds, providing financial assistance and academic support.

Financial Stability:

  • Joon Care Scholarship Fund offers financial stability for enrolled students.
  • Particularly helpful for those studying in fields with high tuition costs.
  • Enables students to focus on their studies without financial worries.

Career Opportunities:

  • Beyond financial assistance, the fund provides career opportunities.
  • Students can access resources to develop skills and gain experience for their desired career paths.




The Joon Care Scholarship Fund is a valuable resource for individuals seeking financial support for tuition and living expenses.

It provides opportunities to contribute to the community and positively impact recipients’ lives.

The eligibility criteria include being a high school senior, current or post-secondary college student, or recent graduate with a minimum GPA of 2.5.

The application process involves submitting necessary documents and an essay within a specified word limit.

Pros of the Fund include free consultations, counseling sessions, user-friendly app features, collaboration with healthcare professionals, and 16-week treatment plans.

However, there are limitations, such as service availability in limited states, therapist matching instead of self-selection, lack of medication management, limited insurance acceptance, and exclusivity to Apple products.

Overall, the fund provides access to education, financial stability, career opportunities, mentorship, and leadership development.