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Establishment in 1999, Insight Education has remained devoted and resolute in its mission to deliver tailored and all-encompassing support to students and their families throughout their high school journey and the college admissions journey.

At the core of Insight Education principles lies a strong focus on cultivating genuine connections with families, rooted in trust, integrity, and a dedicated practice of purposeful, empathetic communication.

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Mission And Values Of Insight Education

Insight’s mission:

To offer professional guidance and support to students and families during their high school and college preparation journey.

Core mission objective:

Unleashing and maximizing the authentic potential of each student, both academically and personally.


Providing personalized services that cater to the distinctive educational requirements of every student and family.


Enhancing student growth inside and outside the classroom.


Navigating students towards their true potential through a comprehensive and tailored approach.


  1. Genuine care for our students, their families, and our team.
  2. Thoughtful and non-judgmental listening.
  3. Embracing laughter and fun throughout the journey.
  4. Unwavering belief in our students and ourselves.
  5. Counseling with kindness and compassion.
  6. Cultivating curiosity about life, learning, and the world.
  7. Empowering students to embrace and navigate discomfort confidently.

Services And Program Specialization

High School & College Admissions Guidance.

  • Goal: Getting to know you thoroughly and supporting your exploration of academic and social interests.
  • Encouraging stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new experiences.
  • Fostering openness to new ideas while nurturing growth in existing areas of interest.
  • Planning academic path to cultivate intellectual curiosity.
  • Assisting in the development of time management and study skills.
  • Emphasizing effective communication in one-on-one and group settings, particularly with teachers and peers.

Summer Internships

As Insight we work to first identify your personality and how it plays with your academic interests in order to identify a subset of summer experiences that would be best suited for you.

Transfer Guidance

SAT/ACT Test Preparation & Tutoring

Providing students with exceptional preparation for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and their academic subjects to ensure their utmost readiness.

Academic Tutoring

  • Tailoring lessons to cater to the unique needs of each individual student.
  • Flexible scheduling allows students to meet with tutors for the desired number of hours.
  • Tutors accommodate students’ schedules, ensuring convenience for all.
  • All sessions are conducted at our conveniently located centers.

Graduate School Admissions.

Insight Educations comprehensive graduate school admissions services encompass support for students applying to various programs, including:

  • Medical school
  • Law school
  • Graduate programs in Letters and Sciences
  • Graduate programs in Engineering


Insight Education, established in 1999, is dedicated to providing personalized support to students and families throughout their high school and college admissions journey.

They prioritize cultivating genuine connections based on trust and empathetic communication

. Their mission is to maximize each student’s potential and guide them towards success.

Insight Education offers a range of services including:

  • High school and college admissions guidance
  • Summer internships, transfer guidance
  • SAT/ACT test preparation and tutoring
  • Academic tutoring
  • Graduate school admissions assistance for -medical, law, and various graduate programs.