Paving Way to Public Service Excellence: Harry S Truman Scholarship

The Harry S Truman Scholarship  is a highly competitive national undergraduate scholarship, annually receives over 600 applications for the 55-65 scholarships it awards.

Additionally, the foundation offers support in the form of career counseling, internship placement, assistance with graduate school admissions, and opportunities for professional development.

Harry S Truman Scholarship

Harry S Truman Scholarship Eligibility:

Candidates must:

Be US Citizens, US National residents of American Samoa, or expecting their citizenship by the date of the award.

Currently, enroll at a US-based accredited institution.

Be in their penultimate year of school (for candidates graduating in four years or more) or in their final year of school (for candidates graduating in three years or fewer).

Either their current institution of study or their former institution of study must nominate them for transfer or community college applicants.

Schools may nominate up to four candidates, with an allowance for an additional three transfer nominations.

Plan to attend graduate school in pursuit of a career in public service.

The Foundation encourages time between undergraduate and graduate school, so candidates need not commit to going immediately.

 Truman Scholarship Candidates can:

  • Pursue any major likely to lead to a public service career.
  • Be of any age.
  • Be interested in any graduate degree other than the MBA.
  • Consider either domestic or international programs for their graduate education.

 Scholars are required to:

Attend Truman Scholars Leadership Week as a condition of receiving the award. If you cannot attend, you should not apply for the award.

File annual reports with the Foundation until funding is complete.

Submit a graduate school proposal before receiving Truman funding.

File an employment report for three of seven years after graduation from a Foundation-funded graduate program.

If Scholars are unable to work in public service for this period, they may be subject to paying back their funding.

Harry S Truman Scholarship Application

The Scholarship:

The Criteria:

  • We seek the next generation of public service leaders who embody the following qualities:
    • Leadership: Truman Scholars go beyond holding leadership positions; they use leadership creatively and establish new leadership opportunities.
    • Commitment to a Career in Public Service: Ideal candidates have a substantial history of service and ambitious plans for future leadership roles in their chosen field.
    • Likelihood of Success in Graduate School: We value intellectual curiosity and a demonstrated path toward success in the chosen graduate program more than a perfect academic record.