Full Circle Scholarship

The organization established the Full Circle Scholarship with the goal of expanding opportunities for students of color to pursue higher education.

This scholarship, based on financial need, provides financial support to individuals planning to attend college and aims to assist with various college-related expenses.

Recipients can renew the scholarship, receiving funding for up to four years, and have the freedom to utilize it at any accredited college or university within the United States.

Full Circle Scholarship

Full Circle Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Full Circle Scholarship for International Students:

Application Requirements.

Benefits Of The Full Circle Scholarship

  • Benefits of the Full Circle Scholarship:
    • Full tuition coverage for four years of undergraduate study at an accredited institution.
    • Covers costs of room and board, books, and fees associated with attending college.
    • Need-based scholarship, accessible to students based on financial need.
    • Supports a wide range of students, including those with lower grades or test scores.
  • Ongoing Support:
    • Recipients are assigned a mentor for guidance and support throughout their four years of study.
    • Mentor-mentee relationship often continues beyond graduation, providing continued support in the professional career.
    • Offers workshops and resources to help recipients navigate their college experience and maximize their time in school.
  • Life-changing Opportunity:
    • Opens up opportunities that may have been unattainable otherwise.
    • Provides support throughout the entire college experience.


The establishment of the Full Circle Scholarship aims to expand opportunities for students of color to pursue higher education.

It is a need-based scholarship that provides financial support for college-bound individuals, covering various expenses related to attending college.

The scholarship is renewable for up to four years and can be used at any accredited college or university in the United States.

Eligibility criteria for the Full Circle Scholarship include;

  • being of Native American descent,
  • enrollment in an accredited college or university,
  • maintaining good academic standing with a GPA of 2.5 or higher,
  • demonstrating financial need,
  • submitting a completed application form with an essay on educational and career goals.

The scholarship is open to Native American students and international students studying full-time in an undergraduate degree program at an accredited college or university in the United States.

It can be renewed for a maximum of four years and is awarded based on demonstrated financial need.

To apply, candidates need to log in to their application account and upload supporting documents such as a digital photo, Tribal Affiliation, and Transcripts.

Admission requirements include a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, with potential higher GPA requirements for certain scholarships. Proficiency in English is also necessary.

The Full Circle Scholarship provides numerous benefits, including full tuition coverage, room and board, books, and fees.

It supports a wide range of students, regardless of their grades or test scores.

Recipients receive ongoing support through a mentorship program, workshops, and resources.

The scholarship offers a life-changing opportunity by opening doors that may have been otherwise inaccessible.