Fresno State Scholarships: Features, Eligibility, Application, Benefits and Accomplishments

Fresno State scholarships provide crucial financial support for students pursuing their education.

The university offers a broad array of scholarships to students from various backgrounds and with different interests.

Students should explore these opportunities and apply for scholarships they qualify for.

fresno state scholarships
Photo: The Fresno Bee

Fresno State Scholarships

Fresno State University offers various scholarships to students of all backgrounds and majors. Notable scholarships include:

  1. University Scholarships: Awarded by the university, these are based on academic merit, financial need, or other factors. Examples include the President’s Scholarship, Provost’s Scholarship, and Valley Scholars Scholarship.
  2. College and Departmental Scholarships: Provided by individual colleges and departments, these consider factors like major and extracurricular activities. Some examples are the Craig School of Business Scholars Scholarship, Kremen School of Education and Human Development Scholarship, and Lyles College of Engineering Scholarship.
  3. External Scholarships: Students can also apply for scholarships from external organizations like corporations and foundations. Some examples are the Cal Grant, Horatio Alger California Scholarship Program, and Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship.


Fresno State scholarships appeal to students for several reasons:

  1. Generous Awards: Many of these scholarships provide substantial annual awards, often $2,500 or more.
  2. Renewable Scholarships: Several Fresno State scholarships can be renewed for multiple years, as long as students meet the necessary GPA and eligibility criteria.
  3. No-Loan Scholarships: Fresno State scholarships are usually non-loan, which means students don’t need to repay the funds they receive.

Eligibility for Fresno State scholarships

Specific scholarship programs have varying eligibility criteria. Yet, common requirements for all scholarships encompass:

Application Process

Students should use Fresno State’s online scholarship application system to apply for scholarships. The application window usually opens in October and ends in March.

It’s recommended that students apply for all eligible scholarships.

Application tips for Fresno State Scholarships

  1. Start Early: The application period usually begins in the fall and ends in the spring, so begin early to gather required materials and complete applications.
  2. Be Thorough: Answer all questions comprehensively and provide specific examples of your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community involvement.
  3. Proofread: Carefully review applications for grammar and spelling errors and consider having a friend or family member proofread them as well.

Benefits of FSS

  1. Reduced Financial Burden: Scholarships ease the financial strain by covering tuition, fees, and other educational costs.
  2. Increased Access to Higher Education: Scholarships make higher education attainable for low-income and financially disadvantaged students.
  3. Recognition of Academic Achievement: Scholarships acknowledge and inspire students‘ academic accomplishments.
  4. Enhanced Career Opportunities: Scholarships support skill and knowledge development, boosting students’ competitiveness in the job market.

Accomplishments of Fresno State Scholarships

Academic Achievements: This encompasses graduating from high school or college, maintaining high grades, earning a place on the honor roll, and receiving awards or scholarships.

Professional Achievements: These involve job promotions, successful project completions, and receiving positive feedback from clients or colleagues.

Personal Achievements: Personal growth is reflected in learning new skills, overcoming challenges, achieving fitness goals, and enjoying quality time with loved ones.