FIDM Scholarship Store: Features, Eligibility, Application and Benefits

The FIDM Scholarship Store in Los Angeles is a special place where you can find designer goods at discounted prices.

It has two goals: to sell quality items to fashion fans and to use all the money it makes to give scholarships to students at FIDM.

You can shop for clothes, accessories, and home goods from famous brands here, all at amazing prices.

When you buy something, you’re not just getting new stuff – you’re also helping future fashion students.

FIDM Scholarship Store

The FIDM Scholarship Store supports future fashion pros in a new way.

Picture a store full of top-notch designer stuff – clothes, accessories, even homeware – all sold at big discounts.

Sounds like a shopper’s dream, right? But the real magic is what happens next.

Every buy at the store helps fund scholarships for talented students at FIDM. So, while you’re snagging a stylish deal, you’re also backing the future of fashion.

This setup helps everyone:

Shoppers: Get cool designer stuff at great prices and make a real impact.

Brands: Give back, clear out stock, and support sustainability. Budding designers: Get scholarships to chase their dreams at a top school.

Features of The Scholarship Store

The FIDM Scholarship Store relies on donations from top fashion brands.

This gives shoppers the chance to own authentic designer pieces at discounted prices.

Donations include clothing, accessories, homeware, and fabric, providing a diverse selection.

All items are priced below wholesale, making designer fashion accessible to more people.

Eligibility Criteria

For shopping at the FIDM Scholarship Store:

Anyone can shop at the store. It’s open to everyone, whether you’re local or just visiting.

For FIDM Scholarships:

To qualify for scholarships at FIDM, students need to meet general admission requirements.

These usually include having a high school diploma or its equivalent, maintaining good grades, and showing creative skills through a portfolio.

Specific eligibility for scholarships funded by the store’s proceeds might involve showing:

  • Financial need,
  • Having excellent grades, and
  • Displaying a passion for fashion through essays or portfolios.

Application process

Shopping at the FIDM Scholarship Store is easy and impactful. No need for a special application process!

It’s open to everyone, welcoming fashion and sustainability enthusiasts to explore and buy designer items at amazing prices. Here’s what you can expect:

Convenient Locations

You can find us downtown in Los Angeles, close to the FIDM campus, for a hands-on shopping experience.

Simple Shopping

Visit the store or website

Dive into a treasure trove of donated designer goods.

Browse the selection

Discover clothing, accessories, homeware, and even fabric, all ready for their next fashion journey.

Find your perfect piece

Snag stylish steals at prices below wholesale, knowing your purchase supports FIDM scholarships.


Wrap up your purchase with confidence, knowing every cent goes toward scholarships.

No application hassles, just the joy of purposeful shopping!

Here’s a quick rundown:

Aspiring FIDM Students

Meet program admission requirements

Usually, this means having a high school diploma, good grades, and a creative portfolio.

Explore scholarship options

Check out the official FIDM website for details on different scholarships, including those that might be funded by the Scholarship Store.

Benefits of Shopping At FIDM  Store

  • Get discounted designer goods: Own authentic designer clothing, accessories, and homeware at lower prices.
  • Support fashion education: Every purchase directly funds scholarships for aspiring designers at FIDM.
  • Practice sustainable shopping: Buy pre-owned designer items to reduce reliance on fast fashion and promote industry circularity.
  • Find unique items: The ever-changing inventory offers chances to discover hidden gems you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Enjoy convenience: Visit the physical store in downtown LA or check out online for info and events.

Importance of Receiving a Scholarship Funded by the FIDM  Store:

  • Less financial stress: Pursue fashion education at FIDM with reduced financial burden, allowing focus on creativity and learning.
  • Recognized potential: Scholarship selection acknowledges talent and dedication, boosting confidence.
  • Valuable community connection: Join a supportive community of scholarship recipients with shared experiences.
  • Enhanced portfolio and career prospects: Studying at FIDM with scholarship support boosts resume and opens doors to opportunities.
  • Contribute to store impact: As a recipient, become part of the store’s success, empowering future design talents.

Attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) Benefits

  • Top-notch education: Learn from renowned faculty and professionals in modern facilities.
  • Diverse programs: Choose from various specialized fashion programs, from design to merchandising.
  • Real-world skills: Gain practical experience through internships, industry collaborations, and projects.
  • Strong alumni network: Access a wide network of successful alumni in the fashion industry.
  • Career preparation: Develop skills and knowledge essential for success in the competitive fashion world.