Denzel Washington Education

Denzel Washington education

Denzel Washington, a household name in the entertainment industry, has mesmerized audiences worldwide with his exceptional acting skills and magnetic screen presence. While his acting prowess is well-known, it’s equally important to explore Denzel Washington’s educational background. In this article, we delve into Denzel Washington education, shedding light on his academic achievements and the path that led him to become one of the most celebrated actors of our time.

What Degree Does Denzel Washington Have?

Denzel Washington pursued his higher education at Fordham University, a prestigious institution located in the Bronx, New York. Washington earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from Fordham University, solidifying his passion for the performing arts.

During his time at Fordham, Washington had the opportunity to study under renowned actor and director Bob Stone, who played a significant role in shaping his acting skills.

Did Denzel Washington Go to Med School?

Although Denzel Washington initially considered a career in medicine, his passion for acting ultimately led him to pursue a different path. Washington’s decision to pivot from his medical aspirations allowed him to explore his artistic talents and embark on a successful acting career.

While Washington did not attend medical school, his commitment to his craft is evident in the diverse and captivating roles he has portrayed throughout his career.

Did Denzel Washington Ever Play a Doctor?

Portraying Dr. Philip Chandler

In the critically acclaimed television series “St. Elsewhere,” Denzel Washington portrayed Dr. Philip Chandler, a talented and compassionate medical professional.

Acting Range

Washington’s portrayal of a doctor in “St. Elsewhere” showcased his versatility as an actor, further highlighting his ability to bring complex characters to life.

Expanding Horizons

While Washington has played a doctor in his acting career, he has also excelled in various other roles, demonstrating his adaptability and range as an actor.


Denzel Washington’s educational journey and artistic talent have propelled him to the pinnacle of the entertainment industry. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from Fordham University, he laid the foundation for a remarkable acting career that continues to inspire audiences around the world.

While his aspirations for a career in medicine changed, Washington’s commitment to his craft and dedication to delivering powerful performances remain unwavering. From portraying doctors to captivating audiences in a range of diverse roles, Denzel Washington’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and the pursuit of one’s passion.