Davis Putter Scholarship 2023-24


Davis Putter Scholarship Overview

The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund actively supports individuals engaged in social and economic justice movements.

These need-based scholarships grant students the opportunity to pursue academic studies at the college or university level

Participate in trade or technical programs, all while actively contributing to the progressive movement.

Program dedicates itself to advancing social and economic justice, embracing a wide array of causes including civil rights;

  • opposition to McCarthyism,
  • the pursuit of peace,
  • efforts against racism,
  • sexism,
  • homophobia,
  • various other forms of oppression.

Davis Putter Scholarship

Additionally, it strives to promote economic justice and foster international anti-imperialist solidarity to create a more peaceful world.

If the awardee continues to meet the criteria, they may resubmit their application for subsequent years of enrollment.

Applicants can calculate the expenses associated with their chosen school and apply for the scholarship accordingly.

Davis Putter Scholarship Eligibility:

The scholarship offers need-based grants to students who can perform college-level academic work

or are enrolled in trade or technical programs, all while actively contributing to peace and justice initiatives.

Davis-Putter scholars encompass both graduate and undergraduate students and must reside in the U.S., intending to enroll in an accredited school.

Grantees must earn college credits for the duration covered by their grant.

Davis Putter Scholarship Application:

Applications must be submitted online at davisputter.awardspring.com.

Include the following:

a. A personal statement, limited to 1,000 words, describing your current involvement in social change and your specific role in advancing the progressive movement.

b. Transcripts from your prior academic coursework.

c. You will receive prompts to send emails to two individuals who can evaluate your political work and contributions to the progressive movement, requesting a signed letter of support from each.

d. Your Student Aid Report (SAR).

e. Provide all necessary contact information for reaching you by phone or email in May and June, in case of any inquiries regarding your application.

How To Win The Davis Putter Scholarship:

  1. Clarify the Scholarship’s Impact:
    • In your 1,000-word statement, elucidate how the scholarship will contribute to your goals.
    • Emphasize your future plans and the crucial role your studies play in achieving them.
  2. Showcase Your Social Activity:
    • Keep your statement concise (around 1,000 words) while showcasing your objectives and involvement in progressive social activities.
    • Highlight your specific contributions and experiences within major groups, including active participation dates.
    • Articulate your long-term goals and concerns, explaining how your proposed study will benefit social change movements.
  3. Provide Supporting Evidence:
    • Optionally, upload clippings, writings, or other relevant documents from your previous work to strengthen your application.
  4. Timely Submission of Required Documents:

Solicit letters of recommendation from two individuals familiar with your progressive activities.

These can be from university faculty, advisors, organizational leaders, activists, politicians, or others knowledgeable about your perspectives and activities.

Alongside the application information, upload a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR).

If your parents or guardians possess sufficient assets to cover educational and living expenses but are not doing so, explain this in your application.