Stand Out from the Crowd with Chegg Scholarships

Chegg Scholarships- Image credit - Freepik
Chegg Scholarships- Image credit – Freepik

According to the Scholarship Institute, Chegg Scholarships is a platform that provides a broad range of scholarship opportunities and offers a good user experience, strong data privacy, and limited unrelated offers compared to other platforms. 

The platform allows students to save scholarships for future applications.

However, Chegg Scholarships is not an exclusive funding platform, and applications are not made directly on the platform.

Overall, Chegg Scholarships is a modern platform for finding and applying for a wide variety of scholarships.

Scholarship Institute rated it and it earned a score of 80 out of 100 in the Funding, Trustworthiness, and User Experience categories.

It is a database

Like Sallie Mae, Chegg Scholarships is essentially a scholarship database that connects students with various scholarship opportunities available on multiple platforms. 

The platform offers over $1 million in scholarships, spread across hundreds of scholarship programs

The list of scholarships is updated regularly, and there are scholarships available for students with different backgrounds.

They are also available for students with different levels of education, including undergraduate, graduate, and high school students.

Good User Interface 

Chegg Scholarships provides a useful filtering system that allows students to sort scholarships by deadline and award amount. 

Additionally, students can create a saved list of scholarship opportunities to apply for later. 

While students can browse a general list of scholarships without creating a profile, creating an account is encouraged for a more personalized search experience. 

Easy Account Creation 

The account creation process is straightforward and free, and students can even link their Google or Facebook profiles for ease of use. 

However, unlike, Chegg does not offer its own scholarships, which means that students may see the same scholarships on multiple websites.

As with most scholarship platforms, Chegg provides links to the awarding organization’s webpage.

Students can learn more about the application process, which typically includes providing personal information and writing scholarship essays


Unfortunately, the profiles students create on Chegg are not shared with scholarship panels, meaning students have to repeat the same information on every application. 

This may make it harder for them to distinguish themselves from other applicants. 

Additionally, Chegg’s functionality is constrained because it primarily acts as a database of links, whereas streamlines the application process for its scholarships.

Here is a link to Chegg Scholarships website