Cheatham White Scholarship 2023-24

The Cheatham-White Scholarship offers a comprehensive award package, designed to create an exceptional educational experience for accomplished and well-rounded students.

Recipients of the Cheatham-White Scholarship will possess a diverse array of interests, excel in both arts and sciences, exhibit leadership qualities, and a strong commitment to community service.

Cheatham White Scholarship

Cheatham White Scholarship Eligibility

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Cheatham-White Scholarship:

To qualify as a Cheatham-White Scholar, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Admissions Application: Apply for first-year freshman admission for the fall semester in pursuit of a baccalaureate program at North Carolina A&T.
  2. Honors College Application: Submit an Honors College application, which should include a school or self-endorsed nomination.
  3. Citizenship Status: Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.
  4. High School Graduation: Be on track to graduate from high school in the spring semester before college admission.
  5. Academic Achievement: Maintain a minimum weighted cumulative GPA of 4.00 or higher.
  6. Standardized Test Scores: Achieve a minimum scholastic test score of 1280 on the SAT or 28 on the ACT (test scores are optional).
  7. Character and Leadership: Display exceptional qualities of character and leadership.
  8. Extracurricular Involvement: Actively participate in extracurricular activities.
  9. Commitment to Service: Demonstrate a strong commitment to community service.

Expectations of Recipients:

To maintain scholarship eligibility, recipients must:

  1. Maintain Academic Excellence: Achieve and sustain a 3.5 cumulative GPA annually.
  2. Full-Time Enrollment: Enroll as a full-time student in each semester and accumulate a minimum of 30 credit hours per academic year.
  3. Active Engagement: Maintain membership in the Honors College and actively participate in its programs and activities.

How to Apply for the Cheatham-White Scholarship:

  1. Nomination Initiation:
    • A high school administrator (principal, vice-principal, or guidance counselor) must nominate the student, or students can opt for self-nomination.
    • After the nomination process is complete, applicants can access the Cheatham-White Scholarship application.

  2. Nomination Submission:
  3. Nomination Opening for 2024–2025:
    • Nominations for the 2024–2025 academic year will open on August 15, 2023.
  4. Cheatham-White Application:
    • Once a nomination is received and reviewed, the student will gain access to the Cheatham-White Application.
    • Students should complete the application in its entirety, attach all required supporting documents, and submit it no later than December 1.

Important Dates:

  • August 15, 2023: Nomination forms become available.
  • November 1, 2023: Deadline for nomination forms.
  • December 1, 2023: Deadline for Cheatham-White application materials.
  • January 5, 2024: Applicants will be notified if selected to continue as finalists.
  • February, 2024 (Date TBD): Eagle Scholars Day and finalists’ interviews.
  • March 1, 2024: All applicants will be notified of their final status.