Becker Education: A Comprehensive Guide for CPA Exam Preparation

Becker Education is a renowned global leader in CPA exam review and continuing professional education, supporting aspiring CPAs for over 60 years with top-notch materials, expert instruction, and exceptional student support.

This article will address the value of Becker for the CPA journey, study duration, details about the Becker exam, and insights on the hardest CPA exam, helping you make an informed decision about choosing Becker.

Becker Education
Discover Becker Education: Your Trusted CPA Exam Review and Professional Education Provider for Over 60 Years!


Is Becker Worth It For CPA?

Becker is a pricey CPA review course, costing between $2,399 and $3,499 depending on the package.

Despite the high cost, students and professionals find it worthwhile for various reasons:

How Long Does It Take To Study For Becker?

The ideal study time for the CPA exam varies based on factors like prior knowledge, learning style, study schedule, and exam date.

Becker suggests dedicating around 300-400 hours for the entire exam, with approximate time allocations of 90 hours for AUD, 90 hours for BEC, 150 hours for FAR, and 120 hours for REG.

Individual situations may require more or less time.

To help you plan your study time effectively, Becker offers several tools and resources:

  • Customizable study planner that syncs with Google and Outlook Calendars to create personalized schedules based on availability and exam dates.
  • A progress dashboard displays time spent on each section, performance by question type and topic, and proximity to the target score.
  • Baseline knowledge pre-assessment quiz for modules, pinpoints focus areas.
  • Intensify your exam prep with our final review course. Boost knowledge and confidence through condensed lectures, extra practice, mock exams, and valuable study tips. Join now!

What Is The Becker Exam?

Becker provides simulated exams as part of its CPA review course, mimicking the actual CPA exam in format, content, difficulty, and time limit.

There are eight full-length simulated exams (two per section) and 12 mini exams (three per section) written by Becker experts based on the AICPA blueprint.

These exams include multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations (plus written communication tasks for BEC) and use the same scoring methodology as the real CPA exam.

After taking a simulated exam, you’ll receive a detailed score report showing your performance on each testlet and topic, along with feedback on correct and incorrect answers.

You’ll also see how your score compares to other Becker students who took the same exam.

Which CPA Exam Is The Hardest?

The hardest part of the CPA exam is generally considered to be FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting) based on AICPA’s published pass rates.

In 2020, FAR had the lowest pass rate at 46.37% compared to other sections (AUD: 51.01%, BEC: 59.36%, and REG: 55.42%).

Why is FAR largely considered the hardest?

Here are some possible reasons:

  • FAR encompasses a wide range of topics, including conceptual framework, financial reporting, governmental accounting, and not-for-profit accounting. It involves memorizing numerous rules, standards, and formulas.
  • FAR offers the most task-based simulations among the four sections, with eight in total. They are complex and time-consuming, involving data analysis, calculations, and financial statement preparation.
  • FAR overlaps with AUD and REG, so mastering its concepts is crucial for applying them in other accounting areas.


Becker Education is a top CPA exam prep guide with a 94% pass rate among Exam Day Ready SM students.

It’s endorsed by the Big 4 accounting firms and over 2,900 other organizations.

The program offers 7,400+ multiple-choice questions, 475+ task-based simulations, 190+ hours of video lectures, and more.

To get started, compare CPA review packages and begin a free trial today.

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