Alworth Scholarship: Impact Factor, Application Process, Benefits, Eligibility and FAQs

The Alworth Scholarship program gives money to high school seniors who want to study math or science.

It started in 1949 and helps students from Northeastern Minnesota.

In 74 years, it has given $55 million in scholarships to over 5,400 students.

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What is Alworth Scholarship?

The Alworth Scholarship program helps high school seniors who want to study math or science.

It began in 1949 and has supported many talented students from Northeastern Minnesota.

In the last 74 years, the Alworth Memorial Fund gave $55 million in scholarships to over 5,400 students.

Impact Factor

The Alworth Scholarship benefits Northeastern Minnesota.

It gives money to students and encourages STEM education and high academic standards.

The scholarship’s impact shows in its alumni’s success, community contributions, and educational influence.

As the scholarship keeps helping upcoming STEM leaders, it will have a lasting positive effect.

Elibility Criteria of Alworth Scholarship

To be eligible for the Alworth Scholarship, you must meet these requirements:

Academic Achievement:

  • Be a high school senior graduating from a public or private high school in Northeastern Minnesota.
  • Keep a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Show strong academic achievement in mathematics and science.

Field of Study:

  • Plan to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree in mathematics or science at an accredited college or university.
  • Commit to majoring in one of the approved fields of study: mathematics, computer science, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, or related fields.

Financial Need:

  • Demonstrate financial need based on family income and financial aid considerations.

Personal Qualities:

  • Possess strong leadership potential and demonstrate community involvement.
  • Exhibit qualities of character, perseverance, and ambition.
  • Show a genuine interest in pursuing a STEM career and making a positive impact.

Additional Requirements:

Application Process for Alworth Scholarship

The Alworth Scholarship application process usually starts in October and ends in February.

Applicants need to send in a complete application packet.

This packet should have personal essays, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, and financial aid documents.

Application Deadline

It’s essential for applicants to submit their application by the deadline, as late applications won’t be considered.


Alworth Scholarship gives many advantages to its recipients:

Financial Assistance:

  • Provides substantial financial help for tuition, fees, books, and housing.
  • Eases the financial burden of education, letting recipients concentrate on their studies.
  • Helps them reach their educational goals without financial stress.

Academic Enhancement:

  • Encourages excellence in math and science.
  • Motivates them to aim for academic success and follow their passions.
  • Builds a strong foundation for future STEM careers.

Personal Growth and Development:

  • Develops leadership potential and encourages community involvement.
  • Offers chances for personal growth and mentorship.
  • Instills responsibility, perseverance, and ambition.

Career Advancement:

  • Opens doors to career opportunities in STEM fields.
  • Boosts employability and competitiveness in the STEM job market.
  • Gives an edge in finding internships, research roles, and entry-level jobs.

Community Impact:

  • Creates a pool of skilled STEM professionals for the region’s workforce needs.
  • Boosts economic growth and innovation in Northeastern Minnesota.
  • Strengthens the community’s commitment to STEM education.

Legacy and Recognition:

  • Honors recipients for their academic achievements and potential.
  • Boosts their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Forms a network of alumni who can support each other professionally.

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The Alworth Scholarship has a remarkable history of achievements, such as:

  • Supporting more than 5,400 students since it started in 1949.
  • Awarding over $55 million in scholarships to deserving students.
  • Allowing many recipients to pursue higher education and STEM careers.
  • Contributing to the success of numerous alumni in various STEM fields.
  • Promoting academic excellence and innovation in Northeastern Minnesota.
  • Serving as a valuable resource for the community and its educational institutions.

Other accomplishments of the Alworth Scholarship include:

  • Alumni holding prominent positions in STEM industries like research, engineering, medicine, and technology.
  • Scholarship recipients making significant contributions to science, technology, and medical discoveries.
  • Playing a vital role in diversifying the STEM workforce and increasing representation from underrepresented groups.
  • Alworth Scholars becoming leaders in their fields, inspiring and mentoring future STEM professionals.
  • Maintaining high standards and a reputation for excellence, attracting top-tier applicants, and building a strong alumni network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who can get the Alworth Scholarship?

A1: To get the Alworth Scholarship, you need to:

  • Be a high school senior in Northeastern Minnesota, whether it’s a public or private school.
  • Keep a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Be strong in math and science.
  • Plan to study math or science full-time at an accredited college or university.
  • Commit to majoring in approved fields like math, computer science, engineering, and more.
  • Show you need financial help.
  • Have leadership potential, be involved in the community, and be determined and ambitious.
  • Really want a STEM career and to make a positive impact.

Q2: When is the application deadline?

A2: The Alworth Scholarship application is open from October to February each year. Check the Alworth Scholarship website for the exact dates.

Q3: How much is the scholarship worth?

A3: The current scholarship is $24,000, given over eight semesters ($3,000 per semester).

Q4: What does the scholarship offer?

A4: The Alworth Scholarship gives many benefits to its recipients, like financial help, a push for academic excellence, personal growth, career opportunities in STEM fields, and a connection to a prestigious alumni network.

Q5: How do they choose scholarship recipients?

A5: Scholarship winners are picked based on things like their grades, interest in math and science, leadership skills, community involvement, financial need, and more.

Q6: How can I apply for the scholarship?

A6: To apply for the Alworth Scholarship, you usually need to send in a complete application with personal essays, recommendation letters, transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, and financial aid info. You might also need to do an interview.

Q7: Where can I find more info about the scholarship?

A7: You can get more details about the Alworth Scholarship on their official website: