Act Six Scholarship 2023-24

Act Six scholarship is a leadership program that links local faith-based community affiliates with faith- and social justice-based colleges.

It does this to equip emerging urban and community leaders with the skills they need to engage both the college campus and their communities at home.

This is accomplished through a straightforward yet potent four-part strategy.

To simplify and streamline the application process for Act Six, we have partnered with Common App.

By completing your Common App, you can not only apply to Act Six but also select from over 1,000 colleges across the country.

To get started on your 2023-24 application, simply submit an interest form and add Act Six to your Common App.

Act Six Scholarship

Eligibility for Act Six Scholarship:

  • Passionate Commitment: You should have a deep love for your community and a strong desire to leverage your college education to become a leader both on campus and within your community.
  • High School Graduation: You must either be graduating from high school in 2024, or have graduated in 2023 or 2022.
  • College Enrollment: You should not currently be enrolled at a four-year college. However, students at two-year colleges are eligible to apply.
  • Location: You must reside in one of the four Act Six program sites.
  • College Preference: You should have a desire to attend at least one of the Act Six partner colleges within your program site.

Additional Information:

  • Diversity Inclusion: While we consider ethnicity and family income as factors in selecting a diverse group of scholars, there are no income restrictions, and we strongly encourage students from all racial and ethnic backgrounds to apply.
  • GPA Requirement: There is no specific minimum GPA requirement. Admissions standards may vary across our partner colleges. Generally, applicants with a GPA below 3.0 will need to demonstrate their readiness for academic success in college through their recommendations, essays, and/or test scores.

Act Six Scholarship General Application:

  1. Complete the Act Six Interest form. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will receive an email containing a link to add Act Six to your Common App.
  2. Use the personalized link from your email to create a Common App account. Then, add Act Six to your “My Colleges” list. If you’ve already begun your Common App, you can simply click the button to add Act Six to your existing application.
  3. **Please note that you cannot search for or add Act Six to your “My Colleges” list without the personalized link that we send you after completing an interest card.
  4. Within the Common App, send invitations to your school counselor, teacher, and community recommenders.
  5. Complete and submit your Common App to Act Six by the November 28 deadline.
  6. Ensure that a Common App high school report and transcript are also received from your counselor by November 28.
  7. If you are selected to advance to Phase II, you will be required to submit additional information by December 11. This includes a video, an additional essay, and financial information. Additionally, you will need Common App recommendations from a teacher and community member.

Act Six Application and Selection Process for 2023-24:

Application Submission:

  1. To apply for Act Six by the November 28 deadline, all you need is a completed Common App.
  2. Additionally, your counselor must submit a Common App high school report and transcript by November 28.

Phase II Selection:

  1. Applicants chosen to move on to Phase II will receive requests for more information.
  2. By December 11, these Phase II candidates must submit:
    • A video
    • An additional essay
    • Financial information
    • Common App recommendations from a teacher and another community member

Test Scores:

  1. For most applicants at most Act Six partner colleges, SAT/ACT scores are optional for both selection and admission decisions. However, some colleges may still require them under certain circumstances.

Personal Essay:

  1. The Common App personal essay is a critical component of your Act Six application.
  2. The essay serves to demonstrate your writing ability and allows you to distinguish yourself. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of prompts and write an essay of 250-650 words.
  3. Additionally, you can use an additional statement to provide any information not covered elsewhere in your application.

Common App Recommendation Forms:

  1. School Report: Your high school counselor will complete this form, which includes access to your transcript and school/class information. This form is due with your initial application on November 28.
  2. Teacher Evaluation: A teacher who has taught you an academic subject (e.g., English, foreign language, math, science, or social studies) will complete this evaluation. It is due for those advancing to Phase II on December 11.